I plan to work tirelessly to make things happen in Congress on behalf of, and for the betterment of, the American People, especially those of the 49th Congressional District!

Here is a list of the things I will accomplish as your Representative in Congress:


I will:

  1. Unless excused for a legitimate purpose (illness, etc.), attend all sessions of Congress and vote on all matters;
  2. Represent and advocate the interests of (i) the People of the 49th District, (ii) citizens of the State of California, and (iii) the American People;
  3. Draft and introduce legislation;
  4. Articulate and take positions on issues;
  5. Educate and inform constituents about legislation;
  6. Assist constituents with government-related matters;
  7. Ensure that laws are administered as Congress intended;
  8. Exercise oversight and investigation duties as a member of various congressional committees;
  9. Interact with the executive branch, interest groups and other levels of government; and
  10. Conduct oversight of my personal office and campaign.


I will:

  1. Introduce and Promote a Joint Resolution* for a Constitutional Amendment establishing congressional term limits. (*Click link to access Draft)
  2. Promote changes to Medicare and other similar laws seeking to amend “physician” to “authorized practitioner” in many instances, where “authorized practitioner” is defined to include physicians and Advanced Nurses.
  3. Keep you informed by posting bi-weekly progress reports on my website, and by email subscription.
  4. Listen to the requests of the American people and update this list as new goals develop.