I plan to work tirelessly to make things happen in Congress on behalf of, and for the betterment of, the American People, especially those of the 49th Congressional District!

Here is a list of the things I will accomplish as your Representative in Congress:


I will:

  1. Unless excused for a legitimate purpose (illness, etc.), attend all sessions of Congress and vote on all matters;
  2. Represent and advocate the interests of (i) the People of the 49th District, (ii) citizens of the State of California, and (iii) the American People;
  3. Draft and introduce legislation;
  4. Articulate and take positions on issues;
  5. Educate and inform constituents about legislation;
  6. Assist constituents with government-related matters;
  7. Ensure that laws are administered as Congress intended;
  8. Exercise oversight and investigation duties as a member of various congressional committees;
  9. Interact with the executive branch, interest groups and other levels of government; and
  10. Conduct oversight of my personal office and campaign.


I will:

  1. Introduce and Promote a Joint Resolution* for a Constitutional Amendment establishing congressional term limits. (*Click link to access Draft)
  2. Keep you informed by posting bi-weekly progress reports on my website, and by email subscription.
  3. Listen to the requests of the American people and update this list as new goals develop.