I propose an amendment to the U.S. Constitution setting term limits for Members of Congress.

After several attempts, this idea has not passed in the House or Senate. The reason is obvious, a majority of the Members of Congress will not vote against their own interests, even if it is the will of the people that they represent.

Whatever the reasons, Members of Congress are clearly conflicted on the issue, and so far nobody has proposed a meaningful solution.

I have a new idea. I propose that we remove the conflict of interest which prevents Congress from passing this Constitutional Amendment that the people clearly and overwhelmingly support.

So how do we accomplish this?

In my draft resolution, I propose that the Term Limits become effective in the year 2032 (14 years from now) and upon coming into effect prior service is not counted against Members of Congress for purposes of the new term limits, only future service applies. With this approach, term limits will phase in by 2038 for House Representatives and 2044 for Senators.

This allows the sitting Congress to consider and vote on the issue without influence from a present and actual conflict of interest. Effectively, the sitting Congress would be voting only against the interest of future career politicians. The American people will have to endure twenty more years of status quo, but ultimately we can effectuate real change for the betterment of America.

I wish we could find a way to implement term limits now, but unfortunately history has shown this to be futile. With this in mind we must think ahead, not of ourselves, but of the value this will bring to the next generation.

Join me and let’s bring term limits to Congress.