Here is how we build a strong economy:

  1. Relieve regulation on businesses, especially small businesses which make up 90 percent of employers in America.
  2. Allow people to build businesses with as little risk as possible.
  3. Attract foreign investment by creating an attractive business environment for both domestic and international companies.
  4. Lower taxes for everyone, individuals and businesses.
  5. Get rid of tariffs to achieve low-cost product inputs and therefor produce low-cost products.
  6. Allow businesses to thrive or fail based on competition and the quality of their products and services.

I support any legislation which accomplishes these fundamental steps to build a thriving economy.


Jobs are a result of the economy.

In a slow economy, businesses cannot afford to hire people or they must cut pay/hours to survive. Employees are willing to take less pay because jobs are scarce (supply/demand).

In contrast, a thriving economy results in more spending as cash is not conserved as tightly, more products and services are sold, and revenues are generally higher, thereby causing businesses to increase jobs to support the increased demand. With a finite supply of qualified employees, and a high demand, companies must be competitive and pay increases!

A thriving economy necessitates more jobs, and companies begin to reward employees to incentivize retention with HIGHER PAY!

Let’s build a thriving economy and with it will come (i) more jobs; and (ii) higher pay.

Sole Proprietors and Small Businesses

Sole proprietors and small businesses are the engine of America. Congress must support Americans who seek to create something for themselves, run a small business, and directly impact localities by enhancing local commerce and employing others.

I encourage and support any Congressional action that encourages small business opportunities and growth.

Intellectual Property Rights

As a Patent Attorney I know first hand the advantages that intellectual property rights offer to sole proprietors and small businesses. I also know of the detriments experienced by those who fail to secure intellectual property rights, for example, these unfortunate souls often lose in business when their successful product or service becomes a “me too” commodity and is repeatedly knocked off.

Because of my experiences in the business world I can testify to you that technology businesses thrive or fail depending on whether they receive timely grants of intellectual property rights. We want businesses to thrive because this affects our economy and ultimately the number and quality of jobs in America.

I firmly support intellectual property rights, and the individuals and businesses that hold them. I also caution that administrative agencies should not have the power to supersede decisions of Article III Courts concerning property rights of any kind, including intellectual property rights.

Government Partnerships

I support any policy which aligns qualified independent small businesses with governmental agencies for the purpose of enhancing efficiency, reducing government spending on contracted products and services and supporting small business interests.