As an avid surfer, I appreciate a clean ocean and eliminating ocean contamination from water runoff and other sources. I take pride in clean beaches where my daughter can run around and play.

Individuals and corporations need to be good stewards of the God-given natural beauty and resources of our country.

We need to base environmental policy on common sense principles. We must balance economic development and private property rights in the short run with conservation goals over the long run.

Public access for recreational activities such as: hunting, fishing, off-road vehicles and recreational shooting should be permitted on all appropriate federal lands.

As a scientist, I know that environmental regulations should be based on real science, not political falsities.

Congress should seek and implement policies for market-based incentives to develop technologies needed to meet environmental standards.

We should ensure that environmental policy meets the needs of localities.

I subscribe to the GOP’s standard position, that “environmental problems are best solved by giving incentives for human ingenuity and the development of new technologies, not through top-down, command-and-control regulations that stifle economic growth and cost thousands of jobs”.