I support the President’s National Security Strategy.

Border Protection

Each day our country receives unwelcome visitors and dangerous contraband. The drug trade is decimating communities across the country. Drug addiction and crimes stemming from drug use are a real problem and we need to take action immediately.

We cannot afford to subsidize the costs of the 12.5 illegal residents in this country, an amount estimated to be on the order of $116 Billion dollars per year, including education, medical, justice, and welfare. This figure does not include the loss and damage attributed to  illegal drugs entering our country. When considering the entire harm on our country associated with the failure to protect our borders, America is losing significantly.

We must find a way to secure our borders.


Besides a secure border, we need to pursue terrorism to its source. We remain several steps ahead of those who seek to destroy our country and our way of living.

Thriving Economy

It is essential that we continue to rejuvenate and build a thriving economy, and lead in research, technology, invention and innovation. By providing opportunities for prosperity to good people, we prove to the world that our system of government works best, and we encourage others to want to join us and live as we do. This builds global support for American ideals and disrupts the ability of terrorists to grow their organizations.

Peace Through Strength

Only with the backing of a strong military force are we able to negotiate peaceful international relations.