Most reasonable people don’t bother with the difficulties that come with running for office, but some of us must stand up and accept the challenge or we will end up with some kook governing our affairs. In order to support a serious and qualified candidate, the people must not only vote but also they must support the campaign with a donation and/or effort to spread the word. If you support my Agenda, here is how you can help:

Like the Campaign’s Facebook Page

First thing you can do to help is show support by going here and liking our Facebook page.


Unfortunately, in our system of elections, candidates depend on donations more than anything else. Money buys signs, advertising and promotion, and other needs for running a successful campaign.

I want to get things done, not beg for your dollars. Raising money is my least favorite aspect of politics, but is something I know must be taken seriously. In order to be competitive at the polls, I need financial support. With this in mind, please donate to the campaign.

Please allow me to thank you in advance for your donation, no matter the amount, because each time I receive notice of a donation I know that someone cares and supports the campaign’s objectives.


Candidates also depend on the efforts of people in order to advance their message to others. We have about 700,000 people in the 49th District, and there is no way I can possibly shake everyone’s hand and make it home in time to put my daughter to bed. I need help from volunteers, precinct captains, and neighborhood canvassers. Other than donations, you can get involved by participating in an effort to spread the message. If you would like to join us, please click here.


If you have time in your busy life, I hope that you will attend at least one of my Events, if nothing more than to familiarize yourself with my positions on the issues and the Agenda that I plan to take to Congress so that you may make an informed decision with your vote.

Please remember to vote Joshua Schoonover for Congress on June 5, 2018!