I want to restore the people’s confidence in their congressional representative.

Congress is broken!

President Trump’s promise to “Drain the Swamp” strongly resonated with many Americans in the prior election, including myself. We need to rid Congress of career politicians and the excessive influence and control exercised by special interests.

The 49th District needs a representative that is smart, energetic and of a good moral character. One who will put the needs of ordinary people first. One who is capable of listening to, and appreciating the other side with respect to issues of significant partisan divide in order to identify common ground and propose practical solutions. One who supports conservative principles such as: individual freedom, personal accountability, lower taxes, smaller government, and a strong military. One who leads by example, treats people with the respect they deserve, and personifies Christian virtues.

Recognizing that I exemplify these values, my neighbors, friends and family have asked me to step in. So here I stand, motivated and ready to help.

In order to “Drain the Swamp”, we need to remove career politicians from Congress! I propose that we amend the U.S. Constitution to enact congressional term limits, and I have discovered a path to successfully achieve this bold objective where others have failed before. In fact, I have already drafted the legislation!

In addition to term limits, I propose that Congress enact further regulations restricting former Congress and executive branch Officials from acting as lobbyists, and closing the infamous “revolving door” on Capitol Hill.

I propose a new solution for fixing illegal immigration. The problem with DACA and The DREAM Act is that these policies fail to take into account individual merits and contribution to our society. They address only about 10% of illegal immigrants and ignore the other 90%. There should be no chain immigration or lottery, but a fresh start based on individual merits.

Finally, I propose to fix the healthcare system, making affordable healthcare accessible to all Americans. To accomplish this, I propose that we look at ways to reduce the costs of healthcare, including giving Advanced Nurses the ability for ‘Full Practice’.

It’s time we clean up this hot mess that is Congress, “Drain the Swamp”, and start holding the government accountable to the people by demanding ethical representation and transparency.

I have a message for Congress: “MOVE OVER FOR SCHOONOVER”.

I would invite everyone to come out to one of my events and meet with me, get a sense of who I am and what I am about, and learn about my platform and the agenda that I plan to take to Congress.

Please join me by supporting my campaign, getting involved, and of course voting for me in the CA Primary on June 5, 2018.

Together, we can accomplish great things for this District and for this country that we love.

-Joshua S. Schoonover, Patent Attorney and Candidate for Representative of the 49th Congressional District